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What is a Fort Wayne Elite Pool?

A Fort Wayne Elite Pool is a polymer inground swimming pool system comprised of components manufactured by this mid west U.S. company for over 35 years.

Fort Wayne Pools engineers and manufacturers the pool wall systems, braces, coping, steps, spillover spas, vinyl liners and safety covers. A Fort Wayne pool is only available from an authorized network of Strong Support dealers and is backed by an outstanding warranty program. Fort Wayne Pools is a division of Latham International, the world’s largest manufacturer of inground swimming pool components.

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What does a Fort Wayne Elite Pool cost?

This can vary dramatically based on your wants and needs. The size of your pool, the options and accessories you want, along with construction details like grading requirements, tree and boulder removal, etc. all have an impact on the final price. Your Strong Support builder can give you general estimates initially, and then a specific estimate once you have selected a design and they have inspected your property. Either way, think of this as an investment in your home, your family and your health and wellness. You’re investing in many, many years of enjoyment and memories.

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Who will build it in my area?

There’s only one Elite Strong Support builder qualified to install your Fort Wayne Pool. They are of the highest integrity, experience and have the most pool construction expertise. True, there are many builders, contractors or laborers who can build you a pool, but only a Strong Support builder can install a Fort Wayne Elite Pool. And if you really think about it, isn’t that who you should have build your pool?

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What are my design options and choices?

Your options are almost limitless. We can design a Fort Wayne pool to accommodate your needs, your landscape, your lifestyle and imagination. Your Strong Support builder will have pictures and options to help you get started, but the beauty of this process is that you can customize your pool — yet know the components have been engineered to exacting standards. Geometric shape or free form: you choose!

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How much maintenance will a Fort Wayne Elite Pool require?

Not as much as some would have you believe. Yes, like a car or a kitchen or anything else you value, you will need to maintain it and keep it clean. However, with a few careful choices, and some valuable options, you can minimize maintenance dramatically. Swimming pool ownership can be a relatively easy experience, these days. Specifically, the filter, water quality and the interior of the pool will need attention. If you live in a seasonal area with hard winters and the pool is not enclosed, there will be an opening and closing of the pool. But that’s really it. All these issues should be discussed with your builder as you make your design choices. Many of our builders either provide these maintenance services for a fee or can recommend a professional in your area.

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What if I have a warranty issue with my Fort Wayne Elite Pool?

Your Strong Support builder has been carefully selected to service your warranty needs should any arise. They have experience in both the technical workings of the pool equipment, along with construction know how and expertise regarding the structure of the pool itself.

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How long will a Fort Wayne Elite Pool last?

Your Elite Pool wall panels, braces and steps carry a lifetime warranty. Your vinyl liner and safety cover will periodically need to be replaced; however, they carry one of the best warranties in the industry — a 5-year full, 15-year prorated transferable warranty.

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What accessories are available?

Every pool accessory available today is at your disposal. From water features, to lighting, slides and sport features to automatic safety covers and water sanitation and cleaning systems — all are available from your Strong Support builder. What’s best is that including these accessories now during the pool design process, rather than after the project is complete, can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So if you want it, have your builder spec it in the design and go from there.

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What is different about a Fort Wayne Elite Pool?

We are one of the few manufacturers that manufacture all components to construct a swimming pool including the pool wall systems, braces, coping, liners, steps and safety covers. We are the only swimming pool manufacturer that has ICC-ES approval and we are also ISO 9001-2008 certified resulting in consistent quality.

And let’s not forget our Strong Support builder. This is your pool builder who not only has access to our manufactured components, but also access to the latest in pool construction technology and expertise. A Strong Support builder is fully trained and networks with the finest pool builders in the country.

The combination of the components and the expert builder are your best bet in selecting a pool.

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What is a Fort Wayne Elite Pool?

The Elite Pool from Fort Wayne is simply the strongest polymer pool system in the industry. Our structural polymer molding process allows us to produce a wall panel with thick, rugged walls that are in many ways as strong as steel, yet impervious to corrosion. This means the Elite Pool wall, buried underground, will not rust or oxidize over time. We are so confident in its strength that we back it with a lifetime warranty on the pool wall structure.

The Elite Pool wall panel also features a ‘supporting cast’ of horizontal and diagonal ribs built into the back of each wall panel. The Elite wall panel has three times the ribbing compared with competitor’s panels. The ‘back-up cast’ is also an integral part of the Elite Pool and features polymer braces which attach to the panels and not only support the wall, but the concrete deck on top. Called the ‘Reliance’ deck support system, these braces create a pillar support system similar to the kind used to support bridges! These braces, along with our Elite panel, ensure that your pool will retain its shape for a lifetime.

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How long does it take to build a Fort Wayne Elite Pool?

Once the pool components are delivered to the site and your builder is ready to go, your pool can be constructed in as little as two to three weeks. However, do not be surprised if this takes longer if there are weather, permitting or other unforeseen construction delays. (ie: A car-sized underground boulder in the middle of the dig site!) Also, the more elaborate or exotic the design, the longer it may take to construct. However, the longest delay may be in getting onto your Strong Support Builder’s schedule. The longer you wait to make your final decision, the longer you may wait to start your project.

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How do I purchase a Fort Wayne Elite Pool?

Simply use our dealer locator on our website to connect with a Strong Support builder in your area. Arrange for an in-home visit and site inspection. At that time, your builder will also want to meet with you regarding your needs, concerns and budget. The next step will be the design estimate process. Once both you and the builder are in agreement with what you want and the project cost, your firm commitment and decision will get the project moving forward.

Generally, the process is much easier than most think — especially with a superior Fort Wayne Elite Pool system and a Strong Support builder. So contact us today and let us help you turn your backyard dream into a reality!

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