Pool Care & Maintenance

Proper Pool Care and Maintenance

Pool-Care-MaintenanceLike any room in your house, your swimming pool will need periodic attention to keep it looking great. There are many options available for any pool to keep your maintenance to a minimum such as filter and skimming systems, automatic pool cleaners and water sanitation options. The good news is that with the latest advancements in technology, a pool has never been easier to maintain. Your pool should require no more than 1 hour per week to maintain, leaving the other 167 hours for fun and enjoyment!

Standard procedures for Opening and Closingyour pool are a snap if you want to spend the time to do it yourself. Chances are good that your Strong Support Dealer also has services available to provide this for you to keep your time investment to a minimum.

Additional considerations that should periodically be checked include the following list of items – click and get more detailed explanations of guidelines, recommendations and solutions so you can relax and enjoy your dream pool!

Water Chemistry
Staining and Discoloration
Bacteria and Fungus Stains
Pool Liner Wrinkling
Discoloration, Deterioration and “Dry Rot”
Trichlor Sanitizer
Pattern Flaking Off the Liner
Color Fading

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