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Fort Wayne Swimming Pool SwimmingFort Wayne Pools Is a Division of Latham Pool Products, the World’s Largest Manufacturer of Inground Packaged Pool Components

Fort Wayne Pools has been manufacturing swimming pool components in America’s heartland for more than 35 years. Our industry-recognized brand is the Elite™ polymer pool. We are a leading manufacturer of pool wall systems, braces, coping, steps, spillover spas and vinyl liners. Our products are sold and installed by pool builders who are members of our “Strong Support” network of dealers — some of the best pool builders in the nation — and are backed by an outstanding warranty program.

The dealer/builder/contractor who sells and installs our components in your swimming pool is an independent business person and NOT an agent or employee of Fort Wayne Pools. Therefore, we do not accept any responsibility for any representations, statements or contracts made by any dealer/builder/contractor. Fort Wayne Pools makes only those representations which are stated in our written warranties. If you would like complete warranty information, call Fort Wayne Pools for full printed versions. Because all swimming pool dealers/builders/contractors are independent business persons, we suggest that you thoroughly research anyone that you choose to do business with before making your final decision to select an installer and entering into agreements with them.

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